Adelaide SA Photography Challenge

The Challenge offered by the Redbubble Adelaide/SA Group is to submit a great photograph of “The River Murray”.

The prize is one night for two people at the Mannum Motel. The photographer donating the prize.

And the image was used in the article, and the photographer, Stephen Chapple.

My plurk to further advertise it. I even put out the word on Twitter. (Only visible to registered users.) Feel free to forward on all other forums that you frequent.

Oh, yeah, we got that image into the Adelaide Advertiser today, used with some other story they had going. They had a quick two-line copy that was both vague and misleading. Someone once said ‘Any publicity is good publicity‘. Who said that? I took the time to write the the copy it should have got. My copy reads a whole lot better!

“South Australians are experiencing an unusually dry time this year. Thankfully we have artists who have managed to capture the reflected beauty of the remaining ponds in salt pans across our state.
As a memorial to the never-ending heat that has stolen our water, the ‘Adelaide/SA’ group upon have challenged photographers to submit their best image that depicts locations upon the River Murray.
Want to enter? First prize is a 2-day holiday at the Mannum Motel (100klms west of Adelaide). Competition ends this coming Sunday!
For further details, head over to”

Written in about five minutes. Sure, it’s about two lines longer than they had. If they had made the image half the size, maybe, just maybe, they could have told the complete story.

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