Stephen has Needs…

Seems I missed the point of this meme. In order to obtain the 10 things that I apparently need, I’m supposed to use Google to find usable statements that are preceded by ‘insert-name-here needs’. To give each statement some validity, I’ve put the corresponding link upon the end of each.

It took a while, but I found a few that were both relevant and amusing.

1. Stephen needs to chill. : #
2. Stephen needs to order his mind. : #

This started getting difficult. Unfortunately not enough Stephens are telling the world what they need.

3. Stephen needs more than zero point zero million dollars in the bank. : #
4. Stephen needs a shave. : #

My Glasses On page four, I found the previous article!
5. Stephen needs nothing more than a new direction. : #

That was cool, my own previous post was already in Google-Search, even if buried a little deep. So I kept digging, looking for statements that were at least a little interesting, maybe funny and relevant.
6. Stephen needs to drink less soda. : #
7. Stephen needs to learn some end rhyme. : #
8. Stephen is a happy part of the Needish Community and still hasn’t written a biography. : #
9. Stephen needs convincing that a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean a boring life. : #
10 Stephen needs to sort out what he is. Is he a penguin, a footballer or a free range ranger with Berghaus gear and woollie hat? : #

Hmmm. That was fun and amusing. I openly admit to ‘skipping over‘ a few options. Whilst this is a funny idea for a meme, there are some sites that were for Stephens with real needs that are not meant to be funny.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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