History Defiled

I know pain. A few years back I walked a sixteen-kilometre hike, fourteen with a busted knee. Less than two kilometres into the walk I slid down an embankment to walk around massive boulders, see the ocean up-close and photograph a MASSIVE bee-swarm. I slid down what I thought was a solid soil cliff to get to the rocks below.

One hand grabbed a tussle of plant life and pulled it straight out of the ground. It came with me the following three metres. Upon impact, my right kneecap changed position dramatically.

After cringing at what I considered a small bit of pain upon a knee that knee has seen surgery more times than I care to remember, I sat for a while before carefully manipulating my kneecap to the front of the leg. Standing up was not fun, but had to be done.

I was unaware at that time how little I had travelled and how much further I had. The remaining fourteen kilometres were through bushes, along thin cliff-edges, in the dark and across a rock outcrop where we knew not what to expect.
One day I’ll show you the track we took along the South coast of Kangaroo Island. I always have pain, but only when I touch it!

The boat sheds at Second Valley are gone.

That’s right, those rustic sheds that looked like they’d been there forever have been demolished by local council.

I don’t like this fact, I think it’s an awful atrocity and a great loss of a part of history that we will never get back. Apparently it has do with indemnity insurance and potential injuries.

Yet people (particularly us photographers looking for something varied and interesting) had been visiting these sheds for many years. Maybe a few photographers got a few grazed knees negotiating the walk across to the sheds, a sore wrist slipping on wet rocks, or maybe twist an ankle turning to see a shark or dolphin! It happens, we do it, get over it.

Let’s be adults here:

Anyone who hurts themselves whilst attempting to get to a location worth-photographing only has themselves to blame. Anyone who wants to trespass past signs that declare ‘potential danger ahead‘, does so at their own risk. So when you scratch, bruise, or cut your skin, suck it up. Yeah, you got a bit of pain. HTFU.

Now the boat sheds are gone. It’s a crying shame, but thankfully a group of flickr friends did visit them a few years back. We honored the remains of this small but significant piece of history with interesting, diverse, unique images that display the way this location effected the way we see our environment.
Here are my photographs from that day:


Shirtless Man

Go back to the original thread to see the many differing styles of photography from artists whom were there on the same day as me, plus many other photographs shot either before or after that date, including shots taken within the last few days of the destruction of the local council of this important piece of history.

Yes, it is a loss. Let’s hope the council will see the folly of their idea and stop before they change history any further. Whilst the future should never be the past, the future should have something to reveal its origin.

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