Building the WWW with CSS

Every six months I export my browser bookmarks that I want to read but can’t find the time. I often bookmark links that I feel warrant further reading, potentially learning, or that I want to share on twitter. I like to share.

Today I am sharing all my CSS bookmarks. Not because I want you know about them, but because I want to be able to access them anywhere. I rarely discuss with other people, but I might catch myself thinking about a website idea so I want to know if my ideas are even possible!

This is all my CSSx links. That little x represents all the variables – from tricks to multiple backgrounds, to grid to layout, to first-child to filter, from borders to shadows.

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Searching for Radio Gear – Headphones and Microphones

Army Headphones on Floor Pillow I have had a few Lavalier microphones over the last two years, but they haven’t handled the rugged conditions I put them through.

Living on Kangaroo Island means I have to contain my gear safely to handle rough weather, extreme hot or cold conditions, plus my children getting hold of them.

So now I am considering tougher options, either hand-held microphones that are omnidirectional OR a dual-head lavalier.

Some may be utilised at our Radio station, yet mostly to use for my vlogging live interviews plus field-reviews of photography equipment.

If you have and tried/used any of the microphones or headphones listed below, feel free to comment, I’d appreciate your opinion! Continue reading

Shaping the Human Mind

Whilst updating details on my graphic-design page, I had the urge to know if geometric shapes can determine personality traits. With the world-wide-web being so full, I figured somebody would have written about it.

So I googled “personality traits based on shapes” – and up popped Learning Mind. I found exactly what I was looking for, and surprisingly interesting information:

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