Stephen Needs…

I always enjoy a meme that involves honesty, truth and the human brain. Found via another Steve, I hereby list my ‘needs’:

  1. Stephen needs nothing more than a new direction. Because he has his health, a brain, the ability to breathe and a roof over his head.
  2. Tubes of Green

  3. Stephen needs to clean out the clutter, metaphorically, spiritually, anatomically and financially.
  4. Stephen needs , no, really really needs to clean up and redesign his personal web site. Really.
  5. Stephen needs to decide what is most important.
  6. Stephen needs to clean his home office.
  7. Stephen needs a new day job.
  8. Stephen needs to get off the internet more often.
  9. Stephen needs more U2 paraphernalia. You can never have too much.
  10. Stephen needs to organise an exhibition of his photography. 2009 is my year.
  11. Stephen needs to vacuum the living areas, fix the tiles in the shower, put the skirting-boards back in the lounge room, pave under the pergola, finish the landscaping and bag the brickwork of the house in Tuscan-render. Or at least pay someone to do all these things.
    Well, maybe not the vacuuming. Stephen really should do this himself. Because it is job. That and changing the kitty-litter. All in return for the best cooking from the bestestest wife.

That is a little more than ten, but they are my top-ten. I have now entered the latest meme.

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