Lessons from Liz

Liz Strauss has written another great article that includes a few quotes from her friend and mentor, Annie Galvin Teich.

Included in the article are a dozen quotes that I absolutely agree with. I also try my hardest to live by them. Here are those that most appeal to me and the life I like to live, shortened to just one sentence from the full quote:

  • You can and will be surprised by how much support you’ll find in your personal circle – business colleagues, industry acquaintances and, of course, friends and family.
  • The opportunities that appear along the way are usually a function of who you know.
  • When you have passion, conviction and determination, you can bounce back off the mat.
  • Don’t make assumptions about people.
  • You don’t have to imagine your future in detail to create it.
  • You may end up somewhere you didn’t plan, but that is usually okay.
  • Friends keep you honest: They know you; they love you; they support you; they pick you up when you’re discouraged; and they keep your ego in check.
  • Part of [sic] ANY learning is realising that you are not always going to make the right decisions.
  • Don’t take yourself or your learning moments so seriously that you can’t have a good chuckle. Life is too short.

If there is only one thing I’ve ever learned from communicating with people who don’t like to read signs, simple sentences gets more responses. That, and skewing the picture-frame so that people are compelled to straighten it up.

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  1. Hello, Stephen, it is so very nice to meet you. Love your website and your photography. Although you were kind to call me Liz’s mentor, it really is the other way around. As you know she is a marvelous, multi-faceted person who is very generous with her time and her investment in people.

    I’m also quite impressed that you’ve put your cats to work. We have ours working in the morale department but would love it if they could actually generate some revenue. I’m adding you to my RSS feed and look forward to reading future posts.


  2. Hello and thank you Annie!

    Somehow my interpretation of Liz’s article seemed to give you the mentor status. Would you like me to modify the article?
    Yes, she is an amazing person to read and learn from, I continue to return to her journal to enjoy all that she writes.

    Yes, I have our cats their own web pages about six years ago. They rarely leave me messages anymore, they’ve managed not get so addicted to being online. (Plus, their catcage is complete so they are rarely indoors to use the computer!)

    Thanks for the compliment in regards to my writing and that you’ll be back for more. That means I will have to get some articles completed and published here ASAP!

    Again, thanks for your comment.


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