New Idea, Fresh Direction

Around 2am this morning I had a moment of brilliance. It’s taken 3 hours of work to ensure the idea works properly in both IE8 and Mozilla Firefox. And now it does!

Screen dump of

It’s not easily noticeable, unless you’ve lifted the hood on the HTML and CSS on my personal web site previously … but the CSS is now much more ‘flexible’. Loving it!

Why is this important to me? Because now I can go to stage #3, and I hadn’t anticipated being passed Stage #2 until Wednesday this week!

Sorry, not telling you everything yet. Things to do, code to write, gallery’s to make… whoops, almost gave the game away! More later…


Does anyone think/believe Adelaide could host a Web Directions RoadShow? If yes, would you be the organiser?

Web Directions in South Australia in 2010 or Bust
Web Directions in South Australia in 2010 or Bust

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