Wanna buy a Baseball Cap?

Presents from DarwinDo you like baseball caps? I do!

For the past 15years I have been collecting baseball caps from souvenir stalls in every town I’ve visited between Auckland and Adelaide. Plus I have acquired a lot from people who knew I liked them.

But times change.

I now wear a kangaroo-skin wide-brimmed hat. Why? Because [1] caps allow ears and nose to burn in sunny times, and [2] provide no cover at all on a rainy day.

In January 2011 we went over for a few days to Kangaroo Island. On the 1rst day I used my time to photograph the waterscapes around Kingscote Jetty … which meant I was out most of the day. I was wearing a baseball cap, long sleeved shirt (rolled up to the elbows), jeans, boots and my camera bag filled with the minimum gear (which was probably more than most people even consider!).

Bevy of MarronWhen I returned home I discovered, without knowing it, nor feeling it all, that my arms were a slight red colour. Within half an hour of enjoying cool air, my arms turned to lobster claws and I felt like pouring tartare sauce on them. Or lemon juice. Drool…. Wait, wait, back on track.

This got me thinking about my health.

I rolled down my sleeves that afternoon and took it easy, sipping cold-tea and draping luke-warm towels on my arms. By the following morning, I was semi-OK and a little frustrated at my stupidity.

Two Leather HatsWe went for day-trip the following day, delivering honey out to tourist attractions (my wife’s side business).

One of the more amazing locations is was Rustic Blue, a farm converted into a tourist location, yet still retaining it’s original purpose.

Their gallery has a mix of sculptures, glassware, pottery, clothing, hats… wait, they have wide-brimmed leather hats. Within moments my old leather hat for the day (as shown in the image) was replaced by a kangaroo-skin hat that collapses to fit into my camera bag! I think it cost about $60. Well worth the money.

Consequently I now wear my kanga’-hat almost everywhere. Including to work on sunnier days. Which brings me back to wear I started with this article:

My Hat

Of the 60+ base-ball caps I’ve collected over the last 15 years, tonight I weeded out those that no longer appeal, plus those the wife doesn’t consider having any further sentimental value. (How could anyone get a personal-bond with a hat?) This means I have about 25 hats, all bagged up and ready to donate to the Salvo’s.

Or are they?

I have an eBay account! Do you think it’s worth selling them online? Would the P&H cost steal my profit margin? I appreciate the thoughts of my readers. Willing to accept your advice. Feel free to comment below…

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