I Got a GlideCam for Vlogging!

How many of you may know that I create videos for my own YouTube channel?

I wanted to be a day-vlogger, but parenting and real world activities make that nearly impossible. Sometimes I upload two videos a week, but it’s more like once a month. As of today I am adding each of my vlogs as individual posts to this blog – and back-dating them to make the timeline work.

Here is my most recent video of me doing a ‘mail-opening‘ of my new GlideCam.

I shot the footage two days prior, then spent waaaay too long putting in a lot of sounds and visual effects. This is video 1 of 3, unboxing and building. Video 2 will be balancing, Video 3 will be testing on Kangaroo Island beaches!

Thanks to this video by Matti Haapoja, I discovered GlideCams. I’ve now discovered they are quite difficult to stabilize, but can already see the benefits.


Yes, so it’s a tad messy in places. I see each of my videos as a learning curve in some aspect of vlogging. The plus-side of this one? Each of the ‘subscribe, notify and like’ graphics buttons were created during the post-production, then chose an (in)appropriate sound, then saved them individually, then inserted at correct moments. Now I have each available to simply insert into future videos. High fives all ’round!

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