Enjoying the SBS Eurovision

Well, yeah, we had the #SBSEurovision finals on SBS-TV tonight.

I can’t say much more than what I have tweeted over the last few hours. The asterix ‘#’ at the end of each links to my original tweet.

~ Aaaargh, ears bleeding, please make that Finnish kid finish! #

~ The Denmark song sounds vaguely familiar. Where have I heard that tune before?? #

~ @jenseeya It’s the one TV show we love and hate simultaneously. I’m just curious as to who actually votes for these songs? #sbseurovison. #

~ Ireland = Proclaimers + Snow ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StlMdNcvCJo ) #

~ @adam1975 Aha, those boys need to get into long pants sometime soon. #ireland #

Old Wooden Guitar

~ France. What a way to stand out in the crowd. #

~ Italy. Didn’t anyone tell you about the #boybandpoprock theme this year? #

~ @Kathblue Harry sounds better than this. Far better. IMHO. #

~ Muldoiva – Devo on Acid #

~ Dear Germany, Did you steal your backing dancers from Daft Punk? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9MszVE7aR4 #

~ @luvmylatte Those hats reminded me of someone …. Madonna? #

~ Romania = Could you at least change your pants? Those are strobing on my TV. #

Bass Guitar

~ Being able to mock participants is the Aussie-spirit hard at work. Gawd forbid we should ever be allowed to participate. #

~ Here they come, been waiting for this all day. #Azerbaijan #

~ So scantily-dressed blondes is all it takes to win? QLD has meter-readers who could win #SBSEurovision! #

~ Iceland = Proclaimers + @DavidCampbell73’s wardrobe #

~ Damn, How did #Azerbaijan beat the #Ukraine? Those feathered shoulders beat every outfit I’ve seen tonight. #

~ Serbia = Austin Power’s Angels (See what I did there!? Thinks about it…) #

~ @CateP36 Totally agree. Reminds me of our previous kitchen colourscheme… #

~ It’s songs like Georgia‘s that have me asking: How do countries choose their ambassadors for this international competition? #

~ There’s more? Oh yeah, someone wins this. Lawd knows how. #

~ Gawd, I can’t watch this. Let me say it now: Congrats #Azerbaijan. Sorry to those who hadn’t googled the results. #

And it’s over for another year.

As I said to earlier, “It’s the one TV show we love and hate simultaneously“. We mock it because, well, mostly because we can, but also because it’s fun..ny. To keep you from slitting your wrists, here’s a favourite DaftPunk song that will remind you of the German Eurovision band:

Note: Tweets individually compiled utilizing Textile and a lot of copying and pasting.
Textile Trick: Put an empty space before text in top box to avoid paragraph < p > elements in result in bottom box.

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