Sell, Give, Donate and Use Your Skills

An acquaintance on LinkedIn asked me…

"Last of the Grain"

Why would you buy your own print from Redbubble and then sell it?
Do they own rights to your photos after you upload them, or is the printing such a good deal that it is better to do that than print locally and then sell it?

This was my response:

Buying your own work is the best way to sell, give, donate and use your own work to your advantage.

1. To SELL

As we all know, there is still a large percent of the population who either dislike or don’t want to purchase online. So buy on their behalf. Yes, there is a element of trust involved. But if anyone is to back out, that’s OK. There is always someone else who might.

2. To GIVE

Last year I gave all my close friends and my family a free card last year, blank, with the hand-written or verbal message … ‘This is a gift, do with it as you’d like’. One got sent to the UK as a birthday card, a few sent to NSW, and I heard a few got framed for someone’s mantle. Seems they like my work too much to give it away! Nice. The best free publicity you can get!


It’s an idea that your family will love you for. If there is ever a competition, offer your own work, preferably framed, as a prize. Signed would do the trick. Expensive idea, but if it encourages further sales, then it is money well spent.

4. To USE

To use for promotional cards, for business cards, for showing friends and family exactly what they feel, look and smell like. Have you smelt a card from Redbubble. Not quite a coffee-smoothy with whipped cream on top, but certainly a smell that says quality, excellence and the best of the crop. Gotta love that.

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