Enjoying the SBS Eurovision

Well, yeah, we had the #SBSEurovision finals on SBS-TV tonight. I can't say much more than what I have tweeted over the last few hours. The asterix '#' at the end of each links to my original tweet. ~ Aaaargh, ears bleeding, please make that Finnish kid finish! # ~ The Denmark song sounds vaguely... Continue Reading →

Ready to Surf the NEXT Google Wave?

Personally, I don't think Google Wave is going to revolutionise the world. Sure, Microsoft did manage to manipulate and monopolise the market 30-something years ago, but I don't see Google doing that here. With 100,000 invitations criss-crossing the planet, maybe a further 900,000 humans will find a way to either catch a ride or jump... Continue Reading →

Captured, Contained and Competitive

I’ve entered the AustralianPhotographers January Competition . The topic is “CONTAINED/ENCLOSED”. Kaye says it is open to interpretation, yet I went through almost a dozen pages on my flickr gallery to choose one I felt most matched the topic. Here is the photograph I have chosen: Trailer Bike This was shot upon the SEALINK ferry... Continue Reading →

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