Photographer vs Smoker

Intriguingly, from where this photo was taken, nobody cares. Yet I am standing on in the middle of a road. To the right is the Adelaide General Post Office and behind me is public area on the corner Victoria Square. Adelaide people will know it.

Offices, New and Old

But from the ground beneath that green glass building, security will accost you, saying the owners don’t like people taking photographs.  Apparently they also own the area behind their building, yet they leave it open for the public to smoke nicotine and other hazardous carcinogenics harmful to our lungs.

Last year I had the fun of informing a security guard, whilst he thought he could touch me and my camera, that he was apprehending the least dangerous person of his day, but he couldn’t see the reasoning. So much for intelligence and common sense.

Notice how you can see their offices, computers, windows, curtains,  and desks. Ironic.

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