How to Make Money from a Liquidation

Most Australians would know by now that BORDERS are in liquidation. As an avid book reader, I am dismayed by this, yet am thankful we have other great book suppliers in Adelaide. (Dymocks and Angus&Robertson to name a few!)

The Shelf

Despite knowing about the liquidation a few months ago, it wasn’t until tonight that I actually took notice. I’ve walked passed their Rundle Mall outlet a few hundred times over the last few years, I’ve probably only been in-store twenty times. No matter.

Tonight I was walking by when the sun had gone and all the stores were lit by their own lights, so I couldn’t help noticing the huge signs reading “80% OFF“. They had originally said “UP TO 80% OFF“, but now they are serious about closing shop ASAP, the “UP TO” has been covered over on EVERY sign!

So I stepped inside to see what was going. WOW! It’s true, EVERYTHING is 80% off the retail cost. That is a huge saving, particularly on books valued over $100. Aha, that is $20 for a book that I would otherwise sighed and walked passed thinking I could never afford.

Walking up the escalators, 3 steps at a time, I turned toward the COMPUTER (and related fields) and SELF-HELP areas. They’re all I really want, plus maybe a few cook books to appease the wife for spending so much. As I headed towards the shelves, I got to thinking that maybe these books could be sold again on eBay or similar.

When I got to the shelves, I almost laughed. Seems other tech-geeks had probably the same idea, or the same sentiment regarding over-priced books they would have normally not considered.

Yet I did manage to find a few interesting books amongst those remaining…

Social Media Club Tshirt (on Lee Hopkins)

1. The Power of Influence – The Easy Way to Make Money Online – by Sarah Prout.
I follow Sarah on Twitter, so it was great to find a book by someone I (sortof) know. I’ll reference this book in my next article. Yeah, Sarah has (re)ignited my passion for writing. This blog is about to get a power-boost!

2. Odditude – Finding the Passion for Who You Are and What You Do – by John R Powers
This one was spotted at the checkout, and it was the subtitle that screamed at me. Aha, just like everyone else, I am forever searching for that one thing that makes me passionate about life and happiness, and not just money.

3. Ajax on Rails – Scott Raymond
Some of you are probably saying, “This is a little outside the arena of self-help. Why?
I won’t lie, it was a little bit spur of the moment, a little bit of “Hey, I could learn!” and a lot of “Wow, that retails at $94, imagine what I could sell it for!“. Well, maybe I’ll sell it, maybe I’ll learn it, who knows. I could learn it, I know that already. But what a bargain: I got it for $18.80.

Escape the Rat Race

4. Starting your Career as a Freelance Illustrator or Graphic Designer – by Michael Fleishman
I was shocked to find myself grasping for this book. Something in me just had to have it.
Yeah, I am passionate about graphic design. I’ve scribbled, drawn, created and labored over many graphic design ideas over the last 40years, but only in the last 4 years have many of my ideas come to fruition and been built upon – and consequently sold. Yeah, I predominately stick to t-shirt graphics, but I like to dabble in various other areas. This book is going to help me push my boundaries a little further!

I’ve got some reading to do. I’ve already conquered the first chapter of Sarah’s book, and it is what inspired me to write this short article. And it has inspired me to start using my blog ‘Being an Online Entrepreneur’ and a domain I purchased last year more effectively and helpfully. Will I be able to write daily? I hope so. That is the plan. I trust you’ll be here to read it. Bookmark my site!

Wait, wait, what about that title?!

How do you make money from a liquidating business? Simple – By NOT spending as much as you intended on products which will help you to learn new skills – and then use those new skills to pursue goals, ambitions, careers and happiness.

Ok, I’m going to start writing more articles that’ll help the average entrepreneur become an awesome entrepreneur!

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