Shooting Flowers whilst Picking Strawberries

Yesterday morning, before my coughbirthdaypartycough, my wife and I went for a quick trip to the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm to pick a few extra kilo’s of strawberries.
We love ’em!

I also used the opportunity to see if a Twitter conversation would come to any fruition. I asked the older-lady at the pay-counter if  their Twitter-contact (@BeerenbergFarm) had told her to expect me. Alas, they had no idea who I was. Turns out I should have listened to my wife.
Yet I still freely advertise their site and products!

Anyhow, whilst my wife was picking strawberries across the road, I stayed in the car park for a short while. As we drove in I had seen pink flowers growing up the side of the shed. Upon closer inspection I found the flowers to be FAR BIGGER than expected!

Here are my photographs of the few flowers I could easily capture at ground level. The images below are from my Redbubble gallery, presented here mounted on Galorboard.

Beerenberg Blossom Beerenberg Bloom

But that is not all! I also shot a bunch of photographs out in the field – of the many rows of ripe strawberry plus a few macro shots. Check ’em out…

Punnet Load of Strawberries Hiding Strawberry Strawberry Pack

Strawberry Fields for Ever! Massive Strawberries!

Sidenote: About Foamcore

I’ve had a few images presented this way, and I love it! This backing material is rigid polystyrene foam core laminated between two face veneers of resin-impregnated wood fiber. It provides an ideal combination of minimal weight and high load capacity.
Foamcore is perfect to have lying flat on a coffee table or velcro’d to an office petition. I’ve also used it as a laptop platform, though not for long periods of time.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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