Six Stories Tall

Thanks to Wendy for tagging me for the 6-things Meme! Before I begin, I have one important question: Where did this begin? I had a bit of fun going backward through the meme-thread to determine which one of you is responsible … and it took some time!

Well, I don’t think I found the original person, the backward linking petered out at AsKatKnits. So I’ll give up finding out where this interesting meme began.

Instead, I give to you six interesting facts about me that you most likely would not know. Whilst you all should know (or could easily determine) that I am a U2-fanatic, that we have four cats, that I like photography and that I love my wife, you probably don’t know about these six interesting facts:

1. Round the Rock Collection The Rugged Rug-Cats Roam

Back in 2001 when we visited New Zealand, I was fascinated by the very smooth rocks found on the beaches. Somehow I managed to smuggle back a few larger ones in our luggage. They now take up residence on an old wooden chair near our front door. I seriously doubt anyone realizes their origins. Yes, they are washed and clean. Well, if you don’t include the cat-hair all over them. Seems our cats like to sit on them like they are laying an egg! Weird cats!

Even now, back in Australia, I can be found on beaches picking up non-precious pebbles to test their smoothness. Thankfully this is not an addiction.

It’s suddenly dawned on me that I should take photographs! Soon, I promise.

2. Three, Four, Five Six… One, Two, Three, Four, Five Six…

That’s right, I have a six second attention span. Nah, not really, but I get bored very very easily. Which isn’t to say that what I am doing right now is boring, but that I have a dozen other projects waiting for me to get started upon.

Some might say I am a workaholic, but I prefer to say I am a chocoholic. Some things I have OCD, but that’s just bullshit. Maybe at work I am clean and tidy, but our house is in a permanent state of mess. What with the kitchen destroyed and waiting for replacement, the lounge area looking like a cat puked up (and probably did) and the laundry room looking like a whirlwind went through it, I am hardly citizen-of-the-year for cleanliness.

Yet, I am suddenly thinking about how I can improve the look of my website, build some HTML/CSS for a friend’s site, and how next I am going to manipulate a photograph belonging to @Rantz!

3. That Light, That Breakth Yonder Window, It Maketh You Pretty.

OK, so that wasn’t exactly poetry. Yet I do write some interesting prose and poetry. I dream of publishing a book. I have typed them all up, they’re all stashed away waiting for a rainy day to publish them properly. Approximately 500 of which maybe 100 are exceptional. IMHO.

I’ve also started writing a few fiction novels, none of which have made it past the plot-development stage. Often I just start writing to see where an idea goes. eg: I wrote Tyrone in 10minutes about a year ago. I liked it enough to publish on Redbubble.

4. I Enjoy Talking in Public, Yet Don’t like Crowds

Actually, I think the crowd-problem grew out of a self-belief that went horribly wrong. I never used to dislike crowds, but I think I might have started saying that to myself when I found I knew no-one in a crowd. Yes, it’s never fun to be in a room where you know nobody and viceversa. So we make up stories to convince ourselves that we can survive the circumstances. Yep, I reckon that’s what I did.

Which is why I now encourage myself to talk with random strangers because it can be financially advantageous! Not everyone, but people on trains or at railway-stations. This is surprisingly easy when both of you cannot leave to find another station, and the conversation is easily pliable to suit the surroundings.

5. I Have a Typing Speed of about 60wpm.

Yeah, I’m scratching the bottom of the barrel for interesting facts about me. You know all the good stuff already! I used to say that I could type as fast as I think. Some days it feels like it, but then their are days where if I did type as fast as my mind, I’d be sitting here with my hands soaking in porridge!

6. I crack my knuckles.

Whilst others smoke nicotene every three hours of the day, others drink alcohol excessively, and other people swallow or inject non-prescription drugs, my crime is to crack my knuckles.

Why do I say it like this? Because anyone who says that my habit is awful should consider what their habit is doing to the whole community. Whereas mine effects me and me alone.

Right. I’m done. Amazingly, I had trouble with this list. Originally I imagined it would be easy-peasy, but no, it took two hours to scribble down just six things interesting about me.

Now I must choose six more interesting people to divulge of themselves. Heck, who hasn’t done this meme yet? OK, I’m making this easy:
If you are on my list of Friends who Plurk who Blog and have not yet given us six interesting but unknown facts about yourself – you are tagged!!

4 thoughts on “Six Stories Tall

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  1. My pleasure, glad you liked the read. It was quite fun to find something interesting about myself that isn’t known already.
    I find rocks, particularly egg-shaped, make great contrasting elements in photography.


  2. Hey Rantz, yeah I like to talk. There’d be many who’s say otherwise, but yeah, I have no problems speaking at a podium. Suddenly I am reminded of some things about me that only my family knows about. Maybe another time….


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