A DogHouse Your Husband Wish He Had

In case the moderators of comments on articles at the DailyMail News disapprove of my opinion, here is what I have to say about the £250,000 Dog House:

Sounds like someone trying to get around council bylaws regarding extensions. Rather than having an extra lounge room, they’ve decided to call it the ‘dog house‘.
Trust me on this:
1. The dog doesn’t care how big the TV is, he can’t see beyond the end of his nose.
2. The dog also doesn’t care how big the spa is, just as long as he can drink from one side and pee in the other.
BTW, If the lady-surgeon who commissioned the architecture was to put the £250,000 back into her local community, people might actually respect her. As it is now, they probably think she is an idiot with more money than sense.

Gifted Cat

As an extra bit of pounch for the Australians still lifting their jaws off the ground: At time of publishing this article, £250,000 British pounds equivalent to $588,169.84 Australian dollars!

How is your financial situation? Thinking of adding an extra room on the house? If only we could all have a dog-house!

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