Top 10 Influential Songs

These songs have had a positive impact on the way I think about life, the way I interact with others and my work output. Let me first explain how the lyrics and melody can be so effective in each of the important human attributes.

As is often the way of entrepreneurial souls, despondency & melancholy come easy. When moments are as perfect as expected, it’s amazing how easy it is start feeling sorry for oneself.

Subsequently we turn to other vices in our lives for counsel. But as I’m neither a smoker nor do I drink excessively, therefore other habits have been worked upon to distract me from the sad & unbearable parts of my working day.

When I listen to any one of these chosen songs: I feel empowered, exhilarated & enthused. My will to succeed is strengthened and I type faster. With some songs I metaphorically push the chair back, flick my coat tails out and go into ‘Jerry-Lee-Lewis’ mode! Being able to hear good quality music has been important to my sanity – which is why you’ll see me wearing earplugs or headphones most of the time!

Recent discussions with friends (who have observed similar reaction within themselves) have concluded with the belief that flowing music enables knowledge to flow easily within the brain and that it distracts our minds from thinking thereby allowing visual knowledge to be absorbed quicker. Therefore typing happens more naturally, without much brain input.

With links to YouTube videos, here are my Top 10 favourite songs:

  1. Where the Streets Have no Name – U2
  2. Shine – Vanessa Amorossi
  3. Acid 8000 – Fat Boy Slim
  4. Fire Starter – Prodigy
  5. Sometimes You Cant Make it in Your Own – u2
  6. Private Universe – Crowded House . For moments when it all seems overwhelming.
  7. November Rain– Guns’n’Roses
  8. Pilgrim – Enya
  9. Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of – U
  10. And So It Goes – Elton John

This list has been in progress for about 12 months, finally culminating recently after reading the lyrics of #3 for the first time. Yes, it’s no surprise to find 3 U2 songs in that line up. For those who don’t realize the significance, here’s my U2 shrine.

I’d like to see your favourite songs now. Could you list 10? Maybe 5? 2?

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Influential Songs

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  1. Interesting reflection about music, music does not have the same effect for me. I did create a list of ten top favorite songs several years ago. The list has changed a little. I would include the haunting Hallelujah in my new list and maybe Joan Osborne’s “What If God Were One of Us?” But, some of my old favorites would remain. “November Rain” is not a top ten for me, but it is one of my favorites.


  2. Hello Molly Oh, you are so right: Though I’m not sure whose version of “Hallelujah” you prefer, U2 have a version entitled “Hallelujah, Here She Comes” that I do like. Which version are you referring to? There are so many on the internet!
    Yes, “What if God Were One Of Us?” has great lyrics that invoke emotion in all of us. Great choices!


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