Almost Xmas 2008

This started as a comment to Shai Coggin’s Decoration Weekend (where her small family enjoyed two days of covering the interior of their home with coloured reflective paper products) that grew into something worth publishing here.

The wife and I have collected enough decorations over the last few years to wrap the earth twice, and managed to get a 2metre plastic tree during post-Christmas sales about five years ago. Yet we have not yet dressed up our house to look like a pageant motorcade. We’re waiting for the pitter-patter of little feet before we let the house get plastered from end to end with ripped wrapping paper.

Wait, I lie. We’ve hung one bauble on the inside of the front door and a little wreath shaped decoration on the outside of the door. I doubt it will deter the Mormons who occasionally attempt to convert us at our front door.

Next year, let’s hope the tree makes it out of the box. Maybe the colored flashing lights on the rope, the little Santa-Claus whose eyes glow in the dark, and the 200klms of razor-wire that sporadically glow from end-to-end will get used to light up our house across the hills.

For those who want to know why we have so much Xmas decorations: Ask the wife’s boss to stop offering amazing financial prizes for the best-decorated team-space. Wait, scrap that thought. Just offer better prizes: I’d like a Canon 50D for Xmas.
Hey, I had to get a camera/photography reference in here somewhere!

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