Ten Uses for a Redbubble Card

For those who didn’t know already, I am one of the eighty thousand artists on Redbubble.com. But I am one a few who buys his own artwork. My wife and I purchase around 30-60 cards a month (at a minimum) … and then sell, give and use for many different things.

Tonight I got to thinking: How many different uses can I find for a Redbubble card? Could my readers suggest something that I couldn’t think of myself? So I had a go at listing all the possible ways. Can you figure out some new ways that are not listed below?

Yes, quite a few of these will have a similar basis. They are the great directions in which my mind took a simple idea to give it a new purpose.

1. Give to a your neighbour

For looking after our home whilst we take a five day holiday on KI. Yeah, I did this. Didn’t get any further sales out of this. But the cards have been sent somewhere around Australia and the world, so it’s nothing if not free publicity.

2. Fold up into a aeroplane.

Expensive, yes, but romantic with the right message. Or else this could be a deadly weapon.

3. Business Cards.

Too obvious. We all know this idea. So read on to see how and where you can take this idea…

4. Speed Dating cards

Yeah, yeah. Wink wink, you know what I mean here!

5. Personal cards

We all know the excitement of meeting someone new, followed by the despondency of discovering you have no way of giving them your contact details. Scribbling on a napkin with lipstick just doesn’t look professional does it?

So buy a bundle of cards displaying your art, have stickers put on them with extra details, and you’re in your way!

6. Presentation / Exhibition

For those with a limited budget, rather than printing your gallery at A4 or A3, pin the cards to a white cork board and sell them straight off the wall. Your art can be replaced before anyone can blink!

7. Fridge Magnets

Craft stores sell stick-on magnets … you do the math.

8. Postcards

Fold it inside out, slap a stamp and address on the back of the photograph (for historic remembrance), put a written note inside & sticky tape the edges closed. Would your postal service accept it? I am gong to test this ASAP!

9. Leaving the most obvious to last: Christmas Cards.

It’s only 5 weeks away before your family, friends & pets will want a gift. Why spend a fortune? Get them a card that will last forever, and has a picture front of Australian features, landscapes, animals, sunsets, flowers & everything in between!

I can hear you saying, “Wait, that was only 9!” I’ve done that deliberately – because I want your input. What great ideas do you have for the use of a card?

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  1. If they are related cards frame them in a series. I did this with some card size prints I bought as Kuranda markets and they look great. Or frame them on their own for making small areas look more interesting and it looks more professional than pinning to cork board.


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