Day 5 of 5 on KI

Today was just like I wanted: A day of photography around Kingscote. I left the new house around 9am, heading for the remaining piers of an old jetty.

From there I walked along the beach toward Kingscote shooting beach rocks, yachts and boats upon the ocean plus various plants of interest.

Eventually I reached the Jetty where I found things and scenes I’d shot before. But now I had a new 200mm lens to try capturing them again.

There were more boats than I’d seen before, but the same boats still sat in dry dock!

Pelicans, cormorants and other sea-borne birds sat upon the jetty, the boat ramp, upon the slip-ramp and metal sculptures. I enjoyed catching wings on display, mothers feeding and pelicans preening. Though I missed the nightly feeding of the pelicans, I enjoyed being able to find and photograph so many.

From there I travelled down the old jetty to find fisherman who were not camera shy! With my camera in full view, I found the faces of men experienced at threading a hook and sinker.

As cloud cover hid my natural light, I progressed on my journey to the Kingscote tidal pools. As I arrived the sun reappeared, allowing me capture the interesting and abstract details of foam balls along a rope across the salt-water pool.

With the quiet calm surrounding me, I took the opportunity to sit and relax. When all sounds were gone, I closed my eye and listened to the world spinning.
Life was good for fifteen minutes.
When a buzzy-bee broke the silence, I felt so much better. A macro-sleep is always good for the soul.

Amongst Friends

Resuming my travels, I changed direction. As I’d reached my objective, I decided to head into the main street of Kingscote. Staying in a home with neither television nor radio, I decided it was time to find out what the real world was doing.

Someone had told me library had internet access, so that was my next port-of-call. Discovering usage was free, I spent an hour reviewing both my Redbubble and Flickr activity. Seems the world kept spinning without my help.

A few minutes were spent assisting the elderly lady at the next PC which she highly appreciated. Why do people email 4meg images to each other? Send a compressed image: If they like it, send the full version on CD or send a laminated print or glossy card!

When I left the library, rain was falling. Thankfully my new LowePro camera bag has a built in rain-coat!

Travelling back through town to the new house I got a little lost, but I finally got there.

The remainder of the day was spent culling and editing the 501 photographs. About 40 of them are being uploaded to my Redbubble gallery for easy viewing and purchase.

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