Delightful Dessert on Father’s Day

You know how sometimes pictures say more than words? And pictures are worth a thousand words each? Here are seven thousand unspoken words that will make you drool with delight.

Follow the links on each photograph to see them full size upon my Flickr Photo Gallery.

Step 1: Miniature Pancakes

Step 2: Heated Packeted Mixed-Berries

Step 3: Layer upon Layer of Pancakes and Mixed-Berries

Step 4: Drizzled with Mixed-Berry Juice

Step 5: Extra Mixed-Berry Drizzling Step 6: Consumption of Mixed-Berry Pancakes

Result: Mixed-Berries, Pancakes and Ice-Cream

Aha, my lovely wife made this for me on Father’s Day (in Australia, 2nd September). Don’t lick your monitor, you won’t be able to taste it.

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