Pelicans, Everywhere Pelicans!

Whenever I visit Kangaroo Island, I try to get down to photograph the pelicans that get hand-fed at the Kingscote Jetty every night at 5.00pm. I didn't get a chance during our last visit, but I have shot them many times before. Here are my favourite shots: Each of these photographs are available to purchase... Continue Reading →

Four Days on Kangaroo Island

Today I have returned from a fun four days on Kangaroo Island. I hadn't planned nor even wanted to go - due to a fairly bad case of the flu. But despite the insistent cough, my wife and I stayed with her parents for four days. The first day was non-eventful as we didn't get... Continue Reading →

Panorama of Kangaroo Island

My first panorama image shot yesterday at the Kingscote Jetty is almost a perpetual panorama. Best seen full size. Here are a few more, also shot on Kangaroo Island, to keep you tantalised and amazed at what can be achieved WITHOUT a tripod... Expect more like this: I am having heaps of fun shooting panoramic... Continue Reading →

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