History: March 2008

A year ago I was writing a lot more regularly. I’d like to return to that much writing per day and week. I do enjoy both typing and pencilling articles or stories, yet I rarely get to the stage of typing them up. Other interests have taken over that time slot.

There were a few firsts, particularly my purchase and adventure into Macro photography, plus appearing in a YouTube video.

Here are the other fifteen articles from March 2008, in reverse order.

March 2008 of Stephen Mitchells Photo Gallery on Flickr

  1. Finding, Meeting and Faving Adelaide Photographers
  2. Showing That You Care About WATER CONSERVATION
  3. ReTouching in Photoshop
  4. Earth Hour Adelaide
  5. Avoiding Pain
  6. Online Entertainment Takes a Massive Jump Forward
  7. Never Let the Brain Go Idle
  8. Selling Shirts for Professional Photographers
  9. Hot, Damn Hot!
  10. Causing a Scene, Globally
  11. Monkey Business
  12. Using GIMP to Apply Selective Colouring
  13. Next On My TO-BUY List
  14. The Cat in the Box
  15. Revenge of the Whale

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