Reading, Listening, and Writing More

I love this first article in Darren Rowse’s 10 part series to invigorate our blogs. It reminds me that whilst I might write a lot, it doesn’t help if I don’t publish them.

After all, I did write a lot of stuff for other people to read. Right?

So here goes. I wrote these two stories on my Apple Touch during two seperate mornings on the train-ride into work last week. So in roughly 30 minutes I managed typed a quick story with just one finger.

Article: On Form

One of the banes of being meticulous is keeping everything tidy, in a determinate & detailed location.

This means every little item must either have function or form. Therefore, can you imagine how difficult it would be to buy gifts for me?

See, I like gadgets – but only those with a fiscal or emotional value. That’s quite a range – leaving me often in quite a quandry, whether to go with how an item makes me feel, or if it fits in with the rest of dust-collection!

So I sit on a train, yet again, but this time alongside another Apple user (with QWERTY keyboard), madly typing this daily post with one finger. Who woulda thought, me, utilizing this expensive toy rather than good-old-fashioned pen’n’paper! I’ll admit, typing with 8 fingers or writing with pen are a MUCH faster option. But this has spell-check, makes me more succinct within each sentence, and makes a 30 minute train-ride bearable.

A cello under canvas sits to the left, its owner dwarfed by its shear size.

Adelaide city with its drudgery and black suits looms closer. Mornings first light screams over the railway yards, blinding us thru graffiti-etched window.

Another day, devoid of form and function awaits me…

Article: Distribution

Where do we all stand on giving money to complete strangers on public transport (for fickle ticket machines), in streets (supposedly for late transport, not for alcohol)?

Or the use of our mobile phones? You know the situation, we’ve missed the train, and now work must know we’re going to be late.

Do you hand over your $600 internet-connected phone for a free call? Or do you ask for a $1 payment – in advance?

This morning I spent my time touch-typing this article into my apple touch after watching a well-dresses teenager apologetically ask for 10c to fill a revenue-hungry machine with the necessary fund to dispense a bit of card that’d prove he’s valid.

I’ll admit to looking vaguely uninterested whilst old woman scrounged for the meager amount. (He might have found it behind a seat-cushion!)

What about you? Would you push your earplugs in deeper, turned up the volume,avoided human contact, turned away in contempt?

Adelaide station is imminent, now I wonder if that youngster will discover the beaucratic finance dept of govt, and be fined for his stupity?

I need to catch the train more often. And I am going to purchase his book.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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