Avoid Spending Money on Competitions

I made a big error last week and I want you to be aware of how you can avoid it it.

Unless you have a deep pocket (lots of phone-money): Do NOT subscribe nor enter into competitions run by WIXAWIN Mobile Entertainment.

Read the fine-print very carefully, or suffer like I did. That was a bad bad mistake and I want to make sure you don’t pay the same cost. Oh yeah, so you can win Apple iPods, Apple Computers, and other Apple products, plus the chance to win $5,000 cash but at a costly monthly expense that could easily blow out to over AUS$200. Considering the market this is aimed at (teenage generation), I doubt there are many who can really afford this. Not even to win these prizes!

Their terms and conditions hold the key statements that all interested people should be aware of:

5. If you send an answer via sms to _number removed_ or fill in your activation pincode on our website, you enter both a quiz and a subscription service. You also agree to receive non-rated marketing messages from WIXAWIN or third parties via SMS on a weekly basis.
6. The cost of sending or receiving an SMS for the quiz or subscription service is $2.50, including GST (for example, $2.50 to receive a question and $2.50 to send a response). If your mobile phone provider applies a surcharge for sending or receiving a premium sms, this will be in addition to the $2.50. You will need to check with your provider to determine if there are additional costs. The joining fee for our services is $2.50.
19. The subscription service consists of eight messages sent to you per month. The messages inform you of new quizzes that begin four times per month.
20. You can opt out of the quiz and subscription service at any time. To do so, send a text message stating “stop” to _number removed_ (standard SMS costs of $0.25 may apply).
22. WIXAWIN will collect personal information about entrants for the purposes of conducting the Text and Win Subscription Competition and awarding prizes. Data may be passed to Australian mobile operators upon their request. Also the Provider reserves the right to send free of charge marketing messages for WIXAWIN or third party promotions purposes to customers who become subscribers. In accordance with the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth), you have a right to access most of the information WIXAWIN holds about you. If your request is denied, you will be provided with reasons.

READ THE WHOLE DOCUMENT TO AVOID HUGE PHONE BILLS Read all the details to learn how to UNsubscribe should you take that fateful journey into WINWIN-Land.

Ten minutes of my life that costed me about $20. Not much some might say. But considering I am on a cheap mobile plan, lower than any ISP currently wants to provide, I find the idea of mobile competitions an incredible blight on the Australian landscape.

I’ve lived to tell the tale. Too many SMS’s and two phone calls later, I’m unsubscribed. Guess I won’t be winning any big prizes now, but at least I get to save my money.

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