Bring the Written Word to the Internet

I've got to get some sleep this week, so today I give you five articles regarding journalism of the internet-age. Take each article on their individual merit, then let the combined information roll around in your head for a while. When the light comes on, leave a comment. Please. How do I get people to... Continue Reading →

Using Twitter More Effectively

Dammit, I was so very wrong about Twitter! Although I wished I'd jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon much earlier, getting in now is like picking stock on the ASX at its highest yet affordable price. Everyone everywhere is mentioning, talking and discussing about Twitter, and even mashing their scripts with Twitter to make enterprising plugins... Continue Reading →

Cats, CSS and Crazy Creativity

According to the latest survey at, one of our four cats, Mischief, is Al Gore! Here's how they describe the remarkable similarity: Green through and through, Mischief is super-careful about how he marks his territory and goes out of his way to cover his tracks. Though Mischief is a lover and not a fighter,... Continue Reading →

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