How to Save a Little to Make a Little Money

Mmmm Coffee

I have a habit of writing lengthy and long-winded comments on other people’s articles … then figuring the word-count is worthy of an article upon itself. Therefore this is my response to Darren’s article asking “How do I Make Money Fast Blogging?“:

Various Ways to make $25G’s in two months:

  1. Buy a game of Monopoly . Don’t give the money back after each game! Should only take about 4 games to raise the cash.
  2. Open wallet. Find $20 and $5 notes. Carefully stick three zero’s on each. Stare at for a while.
  3. Design better search engine than Google or Yahoo. Decline first offer to buy you out. Decline second offer, but accept third. Should be around 2 billion if current parabolic curve of buyouts is any indication.
  4. Twittalicious? Flirgle? AskAnswer? Yahoogle? Yes, design a better mashup. The whole world needs a better way to combine their online addictions.
  5. Spend your play-money (leftover salary after savings and bills) on lottery tickets. No more than $20 a week. You’ll need to quit smoking, drinking, and somehow avoid your daily coffee consumption at StarBucks or Beanbarr to afford this option. Unless you already don’t do them.

That should do it. Yeah, OK, I am having a bit of fun. Or am I? Your move…

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  1. I stumbled on your page looking for ways & inspiration to buiild my biz but after your cute comments I had to laugh & read them to my teenage son who sayz “he’s as silly as u mom! So, u think in our current gas, mortgage credit card interest rate increase we could come up with an answer to make some bucks on the net! I have a lot of pics of my crazy pets but how do u get copywright protection? I think the monopoly bucks might work if u gave them to people with small hands (maybe they won’t notice)! If u know of any little people who don’t see too good good send them to me & I will give u a referral fee! :))


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