Tips of the Day

Here are my top ten tips of the day:

1. Give Your Enemies What They Least Expect.

A smile.

2. Attempt the Impossible.

At least once.

3. Dream when you Sleep.

This is the one thing nobody can steal, copy, change, nor tax.

4. Laugh. Often.

When people stare, laugh more. Crying won’t make you any friends, whereas laughing determines friendship.

5. Be the Boss of Yourself.

If there is only one thing I’ve ever learnt is that nobody holds ownership over my life. Others may be watching your every step, word, and typed text, but they cannot control you. Unless you live in China.

6. Read till it Hurts.

Because only then is it seeping in.

7. Write down Your Thoughts.

You never know when they might make sense. Either to you or someone else.

8. Avoid Opening Emails that Ask You to Change your Account Details.

No bank on the planet will ever ask you to do that.

9. When it comes around again, vote.

Do you really want the other guy to get in?

10. Give.

Out of the kindness of your heart. Trust me, there is a part of you that would give money to a homeless guy. Even if you know he is going to spend it on alcohol.

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