Re-Finding the Entrepreneur Within

I’m hooked onto a site after hearing them advertised on a local radio station earlier this evening: BizThinkThank. After reading just a few articles, I subscribed to the RSS feed. I must hear more, do more, become more, and most importantly, learn more from the writings offered here!

Here is the most amazing articles I’ve read so far:

Characteristics of the Entrepreneur

Check out these characteristics that are typical of those people who call themselves entrepreneurs:

  1. Can’t work for anyone else – like to be the boss.
  2. Egalitarian – like to be the boss, but they’re not elitist.
  3. Takes action – they are not daydreamers.
  4. Their business doesn’t make them a champion – from an early age, they are champions in the making.
  5. Often launch with very little money.
  6. Speak their mind.
  7. Handle rejection.
  8. Like to prove others (doubting Thomas’) wrong.
  9. Know how to get around obstacles.
  10. Believe in being hands on.
  11. Don’t mind being alone.
  12. Can cope with failure.
  13. Like control.
  14. Future focused – don’t get caught in today.
  15. They tick faster than the clock – they never watch the clock.
  16. Adrenalin charged.
  17. Manage time well.
  18. Goal oriented.
  19. Into self improvement.
  20. Often want to move faster than time.
  21. Strong work ethic.
  22. Having nothing is no barrier.
  23. Often have a naive confidence in their own ability to do things.
  24. Respect staff.
  25. Understand the importance of systems in the business growth process.
  26. Not afraid of making mistakes.
  27. Make decisions even if they are wrong ones.
  28. Don’t like to be penned in – look for challenges.
  29. Retirement is not an option.

Whilst I know I don’t have all of these features (and some I really need to re-establish before I get as cynical as the turkeys surrounding me), I can attest to having over twenty of these attributes! It’s an impressive list that all entrepreneurs should take heed of before asking if they are up to the task before leaving their permanent or steady day-jobs.

Like I said before, I plan to read more from this amazing entrepreneurial site. Actually, the first thing I plan to do tomorrow is get some paperwork finalised so I can subscribe to more from the site! I got some busy days ahead of me, intertwined with all the other important parts of my life!

Based on this list, I plan to write about twenty new articles that talk about how difficult, easy, punishing, and fulfilling is to be entrepreneur, successful or not.

One thought on “Re-Finding the Entrepreneur Within

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  1. Well I can definitely relate to all of those.

    Great post. The BizThinkTank is a great resource for business onwers everywhere!

    By the way, I thought you and your readers may be interested in the Seven Fund entrepeneur contest, it’s for a good cause.


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