More of Me, Myself, and I

I have dug up a few photographs of myself in better times. Ah, how I miss those times. There is a link within each image that takes you to a bigger version. See you if you can find the splicing faults!

This first one is from when we renovated the backyard. For about 3 months we carefully dug up about one third of the yard. It looked like an archaeological site! I found the complete skeleton (with skull, teeth, and tail intact) of what must have been a pet mouse or rat.

See that tree over the fence? It had roots growing right across our yard, some of them as thick as my leg. We chopped back all the roots as far as the fence, then approached the neighbours about having it removed completely. Thankfully they agreed. We then put a 12 foot STRATCO fence up between them and us.

Whilst all the workings were happening, I often took opportunities to shoot silly photographs of myself in action! This is my favourite…

Me, Myself and I

This next one was created around the same time that cloning was suddenly made popular on Flickr. I had to attempt the technique. I’m not saying this was a great attempt, but it was fun to wear all my Redbubble tshirts during the shoot.

Whilst some might say “But you have no shadow!”, I simply say, “That’s the price you pay for cloning with inferior software.” It was fun to shoot and edit, and it got the cloning-bug out of my system!

My Four Clone Brothers

That’s all. Just wanted to put that out there.

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