Twenty Dollars can buy you four hours of Motivation

Gotta thank the Coromandel Valley Rotary Club for having a plant sale yesterday afternoon (Sat 3rd November 2012). After buying five native plants for $19.50, both my wife and I were inspired to dig up the front yard.  Four hours of digging up soil, raking it around and digging up weeds was painful. Here’s how it went…

Five Plants for Twenty Dollars

But to get started we had to find tools capable of the job. These four worked so long as we wore gloves. Wooden handles are never fun to slide your hands upon!

Four Garden Utensils

I decided to cut a trench through the middle of the pile to establish how low we wanted to level it. Then we spent four hours attempting to shovel it all away. These next few photographs show that I moved about a tonne of soil!

My End of the Dirt Mound in our Front Yard

Digging at the Dirt Mound in our Front Yard

With only a rake and a pitch-fork, my wife formed a gentle zen-formation of course sand and rocks as she raked it down the yard.

The Wife's End of the Dirt Mound in our Front Yard

Seems she wasn’t content to just leave them, we moved three barrows of fist-sized rocks into the side yard.

Collecting Rocks in our Front Yard

To make up for all that, Mother nature blessed our yard with a ‘Bird of Paradise’ flower. Today we discovered eight beautiful flowers growing gloriously in the afternoon sun!

Orange on Pink

Bird of Paradise

Hope to put the plants in the ground next weekend. By then we will have both recovered from the hard-digging we did today!

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