My Four Twin Brothers

I’ve accomplished the seemingly impossible: I’ve cloned myself!. After many phone calls around Australia, all four of us met in my backyard for this photo shoot.

Below are my four twin brothers wearing two of my Redbubble shirtsand two t-shirts purchased from other Redbubble artists, and me wearing an un-official Apple iPhone shirt:
My Five Brothers
Yes, I had a bit of fun with a sturdy and steady Manfrotto tripod, most of my shirt-purchases plus GIMP. Far from perfect, but since this is not my usual style of work, I’ll accept this. I’m leaving this to those that enjoy this style of photography.

4 thoughts on “My Four Twin Brothers

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  1. charlie :
    v.clever stephen… v.funny. i am so amused i’m giggling and cackling here.
    you do come up with the most funnest of stuff :)) xc

    I am happy to make you laugh Charlie, you have a beautiful smile! Thanks for the compliment!


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