Finding Patterns on Calendars

Check out my photographs upon the latest calendar on my Redbubble photo gallery. I like it because it is how I see most of the world. A whole lot of irregular patterns.
Patterns are everywhere, some are normal, most are irregular and disjointed. Many cross each other’s path, some without knowing, many in the weirdest way.

Front Cover

Remains of the Cola

… + 12 Months

Behind the Old Shed | Canned Rain | Radiate
Naked Porcupine | Stark Yellow | Shallows
Dislodged | Splinter Seat | Sub(E)Merge
Rusted Red | Wired Up | Bucket Crumpled

Want to buy all of these photographs?

I’ve made it easy for you: Buy the calendar which displays all 13 photographs (front cover plus 12 months) for under $30.00! Here is a preview of what you will receive:

Front and Back Image

Front Cover, Calendar of Irregular Patterns, by Stephen Mitchell, on | Back Page, Calendar of Irregular Patterns, by Stephen Mitchell, on

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