And Now We Are Three

To those who have not heard nor read elsewhere:
My lovely wife and I now have a gorgeous little boy: Jai Ethan Mitchell

Last Saturday night we went into the WCH hospital to be induced … and about an hour later he arrived quicker than expected. There is much more to the story, but that information is reserved for family and close friends.

For the statistics-geeks: He weighed in at 3955grams (8 pounds, 11 ounces) and 51cm long.

Life, as we knew it, has changed. Which will mean my posts might include photos of kid’s toys, the joy of child rearing, words from the mouths of babes, and maybe a few photographs of the lad himself.

Amusingly, the activities of my beauiful son over the last few days has inspired me to create a range of interesting and funny tshirt designs. You will see these new shirts very soon!

Interesting Information:

Whilst I don’t normally take notice of this type of information, it is interesting.

  • The origin of Jai is Indian (Sanskrit) and means: Victory.
  • The origin of Ethan is Hebrew and means: Firm, Strong.
  • The origin of Mitchell is American and means: He who is like God.

Therefore it could be suggested that his name is also: Victory Firm Godlike. How you interpret that is anyone’s guess.!

As I am an avid U2 fan, this is for you Jai:

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  1. Thanks Paul! It’s a grand new time in our lives, it has changed the focus of everything I do – my weekends will never be the same again!


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