Attraction of Quirky Photography

Quietly amused. Phil Keneen posted this quirky photograph on his blog – and now it is showing on the wordpress home page as an image and post of interest:

About 2 months ago I shot a similar image, and without any knowledge of his or anyone else composing such a strange image. Here is my version:

#42 Tied Ham

Just for extra fun, here is my second attempt, this time using a power-cable….

#44 Cable Tied

Now I am wondering what level of traffic my composition will attract. It seems the more unique and interesting your photography is, the more people notice. Food for thought.

2 thoughts on “Attraction of Quirky Photography

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  1. Haha! I did the same thing – a few months ago a took a shoot of a naked man holding a real pigs head in front of his own, I thought it was an original idea. It wasn’t. I found an almost identical image that had been taken almost two years previously!

    Great shots though.


  2. Hello Phil. Don’t you love that about photography?! So often we believe we have thought of something original and unique – yet a simple google search reveals we either must have seen it before or the world has waaay too many photographs having the same ideas!
    Thanks for checking out my post, I was unsure whom it would attract. A man holding a pig’s head you say…. hmmm….. nah, that doesn’t like fun!


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