4 Ways to Keep your Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

It’s a busy day today. What I really wanted to do today was help my wife’s business to reach an online market. I also really need to sand off three layers of ghastly paint off the outdoor setting. I am also waiting for the child inside my wife to make that final decision to enter this world!

But what I really wanted to was find inspiration for my wife and I to keep our business spirit focused. Some might find this odd – yet because we both run small businesses, and as our lives are getting more frantic – particularly with a baby on the way – I find it important for both of us to stay inspired.

Cooking with my Pregnant Wife

Yet I do all the reading, learning, applying and doing. That’s OK:  The baby is her most important focus right now. I get that. I’m looking forward to reading and cuddling!

So I turn to the internet where a plethora of people and their sites provide enough to keep me going!

So my late morning was spent reading and gathering information. I wanted to ensure the article followed a theme, so was impressed to find a group of articles that each provided four main ways for both online and real-world entrepreneurs to stay active and focused, and that every online entrepreneur should be applying to their business (and) life.

Read on to discover what I have learned today:

Four Important Lessons for every Entrepreneur

1. Do one thing extraordinarily well, and don’t apologize for it.
2. Aesthetics matter.
3. Ride the wave.
4. Leverage the unexpected.

Visit the workingsolo.com to read the details of each lesson.

Five Questions Social Entrepreneurs Need to ask of Themselves

1. Are you willing to bootstrap?
2. Can you look down the road?
3. Is failure an option?
4. Do you know your limitations?

5. Can you build a team? This last only applies to those who are not flying solo!

Visit the forbes.com to explore each question.

Telescopic View

Lessons learned from Quotes by Albert Einstein

1. “Try not to become a man of success, but try rather to be a man of value.”
2. “Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
3. “It would be better if you begin to teach others only after you yourself have learned something.
4. “I am content in my later years. I have kept my good humor and take neither myself nor the next person seriously.”

You gotta admit, those four quotes are enough to remind yourself that it is not the making of money that makes you a success, it is the creation of yourself and your business that breeds success.

Visit thenextweb.com to expand on each lesson.

Four Critical Traits of every Entrepreneur

These are so true! Without these, you are only being a business person. An entrepreneur is willing to help others around them, and possibly at their own expense without any financial gain.

1. Look for ways to make a difference.
2. Follow that overwhelming desire to take action.
3. Exert your influence as much as possible.
4. Help other would-be entrepreneurs.

Read the whole article by Glen Blickenstaff at inc.com to understand why these traits are important.

That is all for day – and it should be enough to hold you over until next week! To close off, watch this video to stay inspired.

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