23 Speaking Styles for any Social Situation

In the realm of storytelling, poetry, public speaking, and radio hosting, my perpetual quest is to find better and fitting methods of expression. Presented here is an compilation of 23 styles that accommodate various social occasions, vlogging techniques, and any situation where you engage in conversation or communication. 1. Formal:This speaking style is used in... Continue Reading →

Making AI Work for Me!

Most of this article was produced by ChapGPT. So much fun, yet scary. First I asked "Introduction to article about using AI as tool for blogging. Three paragraphs.". This was the result: Title: Enhancing Blogging with AI: Revolutionizing the Art of Content Creation Introduction: In the ever-evolving digital landscape, blogging continues to be a powerful... Continue Reading →

Finding Artists Behind Ukraine Images

In my last post I showed cartoons and manipulated photographs in response to the current atrocities happening in the Ukraine. In an attempt to locate the original of these cartoons, I resorted to TinEye.com . This revealed that most of the photographs originate from Russian websites that have been turned off, at least for now.... Continue Reading →

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