Concert Photography from 1980’s

My first concert photography was shot at the Adelaide Grand Prix in the 1980’s.

I had purchased a camera body, a telephoto lens (cannot recall the brand nor model!) from a pawn shop, plus 40 rolls of 36 film. Shot the lot in one day at the GrandPrix. Because of the inordinate costs of developing film in those days,  I re-hocked all the camera equipment to have it all developed – but not printed!

In the mid 1990’s I scanned the negatives and saved the results to 3.5inch floppy discs. In the early 2000’s, I dug up those discs and converted all that I could to CD. (The software I had used to convert the images was my biggest mistake – every single image couldn’t be seen!

About 2 years ago I found those CD’s, and in 2010 added to my collection. Now they are yours to view. Now I want to find the negatives again!

Jimmy and Johnny Rocking Hard, Adelaide GrandPrix Concert

Jimmy and Johnny Rocking Hard

Wendy Matthews at Adelaide GrandPrix Concert

Deborah Conway

David Reyne, Adelaide Grand Prix Concert

James Reyne

Jimmy and Johnny Sing a Duet at Adelaide GrandPrix Concert

Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham

1988(?) Adelaide Grand Prix Concert

Young TinLid

Silly thing is: I’m not sure about which year these are from. I went to the Adelaide Grand Prix in 87, 88 and 89, but only photographed events at one of them! Your thoughts welcomed.

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