Discovering my Bruises, Realsing how Battered I am!

I’m still hurting pretty badly in my right ankle. My war wounds from my attempts at flying are still causing me much angst, pain and misery.

Earlier this evening I was feeling a pinched nerve in my ankle, so thinking it was just the tube-sock-bandage I rolled it back to survey the damage. The view horrified me in an instant. I had no idea how far the bruising extended – I thought it was solely confined to the ankle. Now I can see why ankle, toes, heel,  muscles, and more parts of my body hurt so much. Even my back hurts! Check it out!

Severly Sprained Ankle

Faaark me! No wonder I can’t walk on it! I occasionally stumble across the room without the crutch, bouncing on my left foot. When it feels less painful, I attempt walking with both feet, but invariably I stumble and resume bouncing. Not a smart move.

Aaaargh, I really wish this hadn’t happened. Yet, thankfully, I know it will heal and I will recover eventually. Because I have done far worse than this to my body. I’m still not ready to tell the tales of other injuries I have had.

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  1. Hello Nathanael! Yeah, I can understand being a little grossed out. Trust me, I didn’t feel too good when it happened, and I still don’t. My doctor put it in a moon-boot — and now it aches like there is no tomorrow!


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