War Wounds from Failed Flying

Did you read how I failed miserably at flying? Well, here is a photograph of my face a day after the incident:

Holga Portrait

That is my face one-day after I face-planted the bitumen during a night-walk. The side of my face is all swollen, plus there are several abrasion points between my eye and jawline, down my cheek. Not fun. This has mostly healed over, though there are a few little marks remaining

BTW, I shot with this small Plastic Holga lens (with Canon Mount). I bought this online about a fortnight ago. I wouldn’t call it a great lens. I guess I am just used to lenses that have no blur, are sharp and show a proper picture. I will show more results from this lens over the coming weeks.

Thankfully I never got any photographs of my ankle after the accident. A photo of my bruised and batter ankle! The memory of it even makes me feel sick. Yet the ankle still aches like hell, so it is all securely bound. Let’s hope I can get back on my feet soon!

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