Calibrate the Colours of your Monitor Regularly!

Spyder3 Express - Box and Monitor

Who else color-calibrates their monitor on a regular basis? I use the Spyder3 Express regularly to ensure my monitor is displaying my photography galleries in the right colours.

For photographers and videographers, this is a tool you can NOT live without. It’s amazing how often I speak to people who tell me their artwork is lighter on other monitors, or it appears to have faded – yet prints in full colour, yet not necessarily the colours they expected.

Once you have installed the software, it walks you through all of the steps for calibration – and then reminds you on a regular basis to recalibrate.

Once you have colour-calibrated your monitor, the information is saved to your profile on the computer. When you login, you’ll get a popup message just before it adjusts.

NOTE: I purchased my Spyder from PhotoWholesalers, (47 Hutt Street Adelaide City).

DISCLAIMER: I am not financially affiliated with any of these business: I advertise them because I like both their products and service. Though now that I have mentioned their sites, they might consider the idea!

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