I Own the Twitter Fail Whale

Yeah, that’s right, I own the ‘Fail Whale’! Or rather, just one of the whales. And it’s not as big as we all thought it would be – because this local stationery store has them by the bucket-load, sitting on a shelf, waiting for twitter-nerds like myself. Here you can see mine:

Is this the Twitter Fail Whale

Half-Apple of StickyNotes Apple of StickyNotes

... or Is this the Twitter Fail Whale

No, they don’t sell them as ‘fail whales‘, but it was the first thing that popped into my head when I spotted this little blue whale. It’s actually an eraser, but I dare not use him to erase anything nor anyone!

I told the manager of the store I would give him some free publicity on the internet, and that I would shoot some cool photographs of the toys I bought. But I didn’t tell him about the significance of the whale. See more of the products I purchased today!

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