The Adelaide Backyard

Living in Adelaide is not all concrete, steel and glass: On the outskirts of the city there are parklands that seem to go on forever. Out in the suburbs people lots of parks with creeks and paths that meander across the city, enabling joggers, cyclists and photographers to forget they are living in a city.

Where I live we have gum trees all around. This is grand, as it means we can forget we are so close to a sprawling city. Here you can see the eucalyptus trees growing up into the clouds, swaying in the afternoon breeze.

Into the Trees

In the top photograph you can see the top of our pergola; In the second image you can see the top of our aircon’ unit. It sits there awaiting repairs, hopefully before next summer!

Over the Roof

This is why I say Adelaide is the grandest place in the world to live! Whilst many other places around Australia enjoy the ambience of these trees, I enjoy being able to step out into the backyard to watch the trees sway in the afternoon breeze.

I welcome friends to show me photographs from their backyard. Surely I am not the only person to enjoy such a great view.

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