A Photo-Opportunity on New-Years-Eve!

DJ at TheHighway Some days life takes unexpected directions!

Last night at 5.14pm I left a message on Twitter and Facebook that read …

In this heat, leave the house? I ain’t going anywhere! Forget the pubs, I am going to enjoy a few drinks at home in front the open fridge.

It was 42 degrees for a few hours yesterday afternoon, with the temperature 30+ degrees all day! Sitting in front of the fridge seemed like a logical place to be … but 34 seconds later I got this message from Tom Williamson at the TheHighwayHotel:

Do you fancy taking some photos?

Do I? Do I ever! As I said on Facebook a few minutes later …

Change of mind: I’ve just been offered a photo gig for tonight.

DJ at TheHighway The time was arranged (8-10pm), everything was organised, my chauffeur/wife was cool with the idea, and I spent 3 hours ensuring all my gear was charged, primed, and ready for any event. I was told my attire should be professional yet casual. That suits me just fine! The wife was nice enough to iron my shirt for the night.

So, I spent New Years Eve of 2010 as the official photographer at TheHighway for their Casa Del Tequila NYE 2010 party! Of all the photographs I shot (over 300), these are the few that I shot for my own benefit. As you can see, they appeal to my eclectic style of photography.

So which lens did I use?

I spent the evening shooting with my Canon 50D attached to a new Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens.

DJ at TheHighway The lens is brand-spanking-new, bought for my wife only 2 days earlier. She enjoys shooting both macro and people photography, yet wanted a lens that could cope with all types of scenarios.

If you are keen to check out that lens, read this link to understand how effective the lens really is!

Update May 2019:
Unfortunately the photographs of the many revelers that night are no longer accessible via the Highway Inn gallery. I will search my archives to find and upload to Flickr.com

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  1. Thanks Paul! Yeah, the fridge will have to wait for another day! I’ve uploaded 4 photographs (3 to flickr, 1 to redbubble) and at 5.00am I sent the client 90 images. I’m looking forward to seeing which ones they choose!


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