Animals at the 2010 Adelaide Xmas Pageant

I had the pleasure of shooting many interesting animals at the Adelaide 2010 Christmas Pageant, including one large pink one that I don’t recognise. It was funny to watch kids reactions to the enormously over-sized floats as they trundled down King William Street in the Adelaide CBD.

Here are eight of the biggest animals I had the good fortune to shoot and capture. (Yes, slight play on words there!)

1. Reindeer

2. Horses
Police on Horseback

3. Unknown Pink Ogre. Please tell me what or whom this is!
Bruto the Pink Ogre

4. Elephant
Elephants on Parade

5. Cat
Laidback PussyCat

Thankfully there were a few Australian animals included in the parade. Yes, there were many more than this, but some eluded my view – more often by a head or umbrella that popped up when I least expected. Thankfully I found a few playing cricket!

6. Koala, Goanna, Rabbit and Wombat
Cricket Christmas in Australia

7. Goanna
Go Anna, Run!

8. Wombat
Wom Bats!

That was fun. Tomorrow night, more photographs from the Pageant: Portraits of smiling participants.

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