Children at the 2010 Adelaide Xmas Pageant

There were many thousands of family’s at the Adelaide Christmas Pageant this year: Many were chalking the bitumen along the route of the pageant (before it started!), many were singing, screaming, talking and eating. I watched many kids twirling streamers, blowing bubbles and even a few throwing a large beach-ball. Or was that a clown during the pageant? No matter, it was all fun!

Before the pageant started, I took a few moments to photograph both our nieces and the little kids around us. Their parents I’d been chatting with about the weather and the fun our kids were having together, despite some of them meeting for the first time! Kids, they play together with a world of innocence, yet adults are scared to say hello in a crowded room.

Anyhow, here are the few photographs of kids I shot having fun chalking the bitumen…

Fairy with Green Hat

Butterfly Draws a Star

Butterflys and Stars

Chalk Stars

And this little girl enjoyed her view from the highest vantage point.

Little Girl on Big Horse

That is all. Tomorrow night you’ll get to see animals shot during the Pageant!

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