Seeking Wine for my SALA Exhibition

Out to the Horizon

Coming up fast is my exhibition during SALA. Everything is framed, organised, and ready to hang on display. All I need now is  wine for the launch of my SALA exhibition! Twenty bottles of mixed reds and white wines would be plenty.

This afternoon I told the wife that we may need to buy these bottles ourselves. Her response: “Oh yes, let’s buy heaps!” At first I thought she was kidding, then I thought she was being sarcastic, and for a brief moment thought she was thinking of me and not herself.

After only a few moments in the HUGE ‘first-choice-liquor’ shop on Unley road, we asked a sales person for help. He recommended everything we walked past, so I eventually stopped listening. He wasn’t thinking of anyone but the business. Fair’s fair, so I started thinking about the last wine I had: ‘It was red, it was wet and it came in a bottle.’ I could find something like that.

We did. Despite being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of different types of wines from both around the world and within Australia, the wife settled on three reds and two boxes of white wines. Displayed in the photograph below, from left to right, are the three bottles of red we will consume:
1. Peter Lehmann 2008 Shiraz
2. Pepperjack 2008 Shiraz “Saltram of Barossa”
3. Taylors 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon

Three Reds

Tonight we opened the Pepperjack 2008 Shiraz “Saltram of Barossa”. I liked it, but wouldn’t call it my favourite, not yet. It is what it I expected: Red, Wet and made of grapes. The wife amused me by saying “It really smells of grapes, fermented grapes.” She isn’t normally this silly sounding, but I was quietly amused. 

I’ve just finished my first glass, poured about 3 hours ago. I’ll wait another day before I have another glass. Mostly because the wife is making dessert: Iced Coffee with several dashes of Mocha Kahlua. I am going to sleep well tonight!

Oh yeah, we also purchased two boxes of white wine. More about them tomorrow. Alas, they are not for my SALA launch: The wife bought them for herself!

I am asking if a local South Australian winery or supplier is willing to donate the wine for my exhibition launch. In return I will advertise their products and business upon the walls for the duration of my SALA exhibition, plus upon my website for at least 12 months.

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  1. I will email my young pal who provided the wine for our joint exhibition at the Austral several years ago- he’s now a blender/sales manager for one of the big wine conglomerates. Fingers crossed he has something he wants to show off! I’m not having any photos or glass in SALA this year- concentrating on my recovery (which has happened!) and finishing my Masters degree.


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