Using Viral Networking to Determine Influence

FastCompany is seeking the most influential people on the internet. I’m not sure how they are calibrating this system, but it is (at least) a great way to see how viral a site can be.

Morning Web

By connecting with people via the many popular social-network sites, and encouraging participants to encourage others to join, this could be a great way to see how fast any site can be an influence on the whole internet.

Gone are the days when the internet was purely a device for connecting a couple of colleges: Now we are connected because of the sites we want to be seen upon.

Who am I to stop a trend? I could be the most influential man in town, really, I could be. But that is not up to me. I might ‘blow my horn‘ on occasion, as some are inclined to say, but I doubt I can influence enough people to, say, well, use a sharpie to write on their CD’s.

On this occasion the best influence I can give is that YOU join to see who you are influencing. Oh, but please do it via my page. Aha, that’s how viral marketing works. Go on, you want to know, don’t you?

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