Finding Art in the Backyard

As I have a slowly healing ‘stress fracture‘ in my right leg, I cannot get around so easily. So I have been taking it easy most weekends for the last couple of months, shooting stuff in my own backyard.

Other than a few family outings to watch and photograph other people from the sidelines, I have resorted to taking a seat in the backyard whilst armed with the new camera – a Canon EOS 50D with either a zoom or macro lens – and aiming at all the interesting macro-life in my backyard.

I’ve seen some most interesting sites that I might not have seen otherwise.

Like this bubble that forms when the fountain hits the water around the base of the fake-rock-fountain. It is built from lots of little bubbles colliding together … and eventually bursts. It took quite a few shots to catch this massive bubble:

Bubbling Up

We have a fake-rock-fountain that enables a never-ending (and recycles) water-fountain to continually fall into our pond. Whilst testing the capabilities of my new Canon 50D, I discovered it has quite a fast shutter-speed.

Backyard Fountain

Morning Web

Yet the best moment is spotting stuff that appears either early in the morning or late in the evening. This spider’s web revealed itself late in the afternoon…

And that concludes the few things spotted in my backyard this weekend.

My next photo-shoot, despite the condition of my injuries, will be at the Dead Reds Wake #7. See you there!

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